KCMC, Tales From Tanzania

Why We’ve Been Quiet…

If you saw our initial Sound Rounds post, you might be thinking, “Man, I had such high expectations of Duke EUS…way to let me down, you posers!!!”

And I suppose you wouldn’t be wrong. However, there’s a good reason we’ve been quiet recently, which is that I (the webmaster of this wonderful site) was recently experiencing life outside the walls of American academia while visiting Dr. Francis Sakita (@SakitaFrancis on Twitter) and the other incredible physicians of the Emergency Medicine Department (EMD) at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC).

I spent about 2 weeks in Moshi, Tanzania in order to learn a bit more about the system there and hopefully do some quality POCUS teaching. In that time, I scanned or helped scan about 50 patients, and all but perhaps 3 of them had significant pathology.

By way of documenting this incredible experience — and also to show how incredibly powerful one physician can be when equipped with a pocket ultrasound, proper training, and a can-do attitude — I will be writing a series of short posts over the coming weeks (in addition to hopefully catching up on some great Sound Rounds presentations) showing some of the incredible images of pathology I was able to obtain and giving either a teaching point about the pathology or an explanation of how a pocket ultrasound was or could be utilized to great effect in a resource-poor setting. If any of you fine folks would like clarification on a case or have other thoughts, please feel free to join the conversation, either on this site or on Twitter or Facebook!

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