We are the Duke Emergency Ultrasound team. We are occasionally a little too passionate about using and teaching point of care ultrasound. Meet our teammates!

Erica_Peethumnongsin_headshotDr. Erica Peethumnongsin, MD, PhD (or just “Dr. P” for…obvious reasons), Director of Emergency Ultrasound. Dr. P joined the Duke family in July of 2016, and in the short period since then, she has been integral in starting a new Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship, running a medical student rotation in point of care ultrasound, and spearheading efforts to create educational collaborations with multiple other Duke groups including the internal medicine residency, the pediatrics residency, the pediatric emergency medicine faculty, and several others.



Elias_Jaffa_headshotDr. Elias Jaffa, MD, MS (aka “the Doctor with the Hair”, again for obvious reasons), Assistant Director of Emergency Ultrasound. Dr. Jaffa came to Duke in 2013 as an Emergency Medicine intern, and seems to have simply never left. He joined the faculty full-time after graduation in July of 2016, and set to work helping to start the Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship, of which he became the first fellow 6 months later (he often describes the experience as “kind of like giving birth to yourself, which is really cool but kind of uncomfortable”). During his fellowship year, he helped Dr. P to establish many educational links to other Duke programs, became deeply invested (personally, not financially) in point of care 3D ultrasound (POC3DUS) research, and generally became a bit too enthusiastic about POCUS. He graduated fellowship in December 2017, and has since re-joined the faculty full-time. He is less well-known for creating the hashtag #POCKUS to refer to pocket ultrasound machines like the Butterfly iQ or his currently beloved Philips Lumify phased array probe.


Kevin_Gurysh_headshotDr. Kevin Gurysh, MD, current Emergency Ultrasound Fellow. Dr. Gurysh is another inbred Dukie, having completed the Duke Emergency Medicine Residency in 2017 and started as the second Emergency Ultrasound Fellow in July of 2017. During his time as a fellow, Dr. Gurysh has rapidly established himself as the de facto residency POCUS educator. He can often be seen sprinting down the halls of the pods in the ED with a team of interns and students desperately trying to keep up, and his in-depth literature reviews on various POCUS topics have become legend, putting even the Chief Resident from House of God to shame (“I’ve recently had the opportunity to review the world literature on…”). Dr. Gurysh plans to join the remainder of the team as full-time Emergency Ultrasound faculty in July 2018.