Save of the Day: AAA #1

Ok folks, I've been wanting to post this one for a while. I don't often (read: ever) say this, but I'm convinced that I truly saved a life the other day. Now, coming from an emergency physician that may seem like a humble-brag or a not-so-subtle compliment-fishing expedition, but I'll remind you that I'm constantly surrounded… Continue reading Save of the Day: AAA #1

Procedural, Sound Rounds

Sound Rounds: US-Guided Subclavian Cannulation

Welcome to another edition of Sound Rounds (finally)! This morning (well, Tuesday morning, when I started writing this post...), we had the pleasure of Dr. Kevin Gurysh (our current EUS fellow) teach us a new technique of placing a subclavian central venous catheter under ultrasound guidance. The lesson was inspired by (stolen from?) this episode of… Continue reading Sound Rounds: US-Guided Subclavian Cannulation