#FOAMUS – Educational Resources


Academy of Emergency Ultrasound (AEUS) – A subsection of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine dedicated to point of care ultrasound. If you are a member of AEUS, you can access this online library, which has a large number of resources including narrated lectures, research documents (like grant-writing resources), sample medical student curricula, and many more. If you’re not a member, you can find the narrated lecture series on Vimeo for free.

Emergency Ultrasound Teaching – An exceptional website run by Geoffrey Hayden, MD (@eusteaching) of MUSC. Contains a large number of narrated lectures, ultrasound cases, administrative resources, general ultrasound education resources, and quizzes to test your knowledge. Note that this site includes both “homespun” content and links to other FOAMed resources like narrated lectures by AEUS.

Ultrasound of the Week – Blog by Ben Smith, MD (@UltrasoundJelly) of UT-Chattanooga. Highlights a new and interesting POCUS case each week with learning pearls and citations for each. Dr. Smith is also well known for creating several freely available tech tools like the Clip Deidentifier and M.mod.ify.

5 Minute Sono – Video podcast with short, high-yield videos on various POCUS topics. Run by Jacob Avila, MD (@UltrasoundMD) and Ben Smith, MD (@UltrasoundJelly), both of UT-Chattanooga.

The POCUS Atlas (TPA) – A large and growing library of excellent POCUS teaching cases, each with a nice little teaching pearl. You can also submit your own cases and become a part of POCUS history!

Ultrasound Ninja – A blog run by the Cook County / Rush Clinical Ultrasound group (former website was ACE4CUS) out of Chicago. The blog highlights lots of great cases, and they have an awesome curriculum laid out and a huge series of video lectures for those playing the home game.

Highland Ultrasound – The website of the EUS group at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA. Bunch of great resources, but perhaps the best is the very large section on ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia in the ED.


Other Amazing Groups

Glia: Free Medical Hardware – An incredible group led by Dr. Tarek Loubani, an emergency physician and man-of-many-hats whose many accomplishments include inventing a 3D-printable stethoscope that costs $2.50 to make but out-performs the gold-standard Littmann Cardiology III. The GitHub repository for his open-source, freely-available creations can be found here.